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Mobile has transformed our shopping experiences, and our expectations of the brands we love. Since consumers use retail mobile apps while shopping in-store, a number of retailers have capitalized on and contributed to increasing expectations by finding ways to seamlessly connect their digital and physical customer experiences. And consumer use of retail apps has evolved beyond in-store shopping aids.


For the first time ever, app publishers have the data and insights to clearly map out their customers’ journey. We now know—or, at least have the capacity to know—exactly how our audience likes to be engaged at each touch point. With this knowledge, we can break past the screen and bridge the gap between the mobile, online, and in-store experiences. more

Over the last few years, ad blockers have gained tremendous traction in the online world. There is clear evidence that users find them beneficial in blocking unwanted or potentially malicious advertisements, but their growth implies a dilemma for those in the marketing and advertising community. Whilst protecting users, ad blockers force marketers to turn to higher quality, more efficient ads that are more positively viewed by users. This means a shift in focus, and native can provide this shift and ultimately the adblock solution. more

Why Twitter?

By now, I’m sure you know all about the strength of native advertising. What you may not know, however, is how useful Twitter ads can be for brands. In combination, native advertising and Twitter can be the dynamic duo that propels your brand to success. more

Effective Cost Per Mille (eCPM) is currently the most widespread metric used within the mobile advertising ecosystem for publishers to measure the performance of their ads.
For mobile native advertising however, eCPM doesn’t give you the whole picture as a publisher, for 3 major reasons:

  1. eCPM heavily depends on the interpretation of what constitutes a native impression.
  2. eCPM can be easily tweaked through the fill rate (as networks are able to serve only high value impressions).
  3. eCPM makes you lose focus on what matters as a publisher, which is maximizing revenue through a nice user experience (In the end what matters is not the impression, but how good the ad integration drives revenues from your user base while preserving their experience of the app).