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Since PubNative first launched in 2014, we’ve been committed to enabling mobile publishers to effectively monetize traffic through fully native integrations. By cutting one-size-fits-all templates out and introducing the native ads serving API we’ve helped mobile publishers across the world to benefit from the flexibility of native advertising.

To meet the ever increasing demands of the mobile ad-tech industry we have been constantly launching new and improving all existing products, undoubtedly, ad serving API among them. Today we are introducing already a third version of the API – the Ad Optimization Engine.


Mobile advertising is a fast moving industry. Driven to new levels by the growth of programmatic, performance and advertising tech, advertisers now serve thousands of adverts every second of every day to users across the world.

But Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) can face problems as they grow. As new publishers join a platform, the service is expected to deliver the same quality while scaling to a larger publisher base.


At PubNative, our mission is to enable mobile publishers to effectively monetize their app with flexible native integrations that preserve their user experience. As we wrote in an earlier blog post, we believe that the current native advertising solutions available on the market (mostly those in the form of pre-defined templates that require to integrate an SDK) are not flexible enough to offer a genuine native experience to users. These “one-size-fits-all” solutions might be native in some context (usually, the context for which they have been designed, eg. in-feed ads), but in no case can they be fit for every app’s unique design. For this reason, one of the core USPs of PubNative is to offer flexible native ad integrations through an API. PubNative’s API allows publishers to request up to and over 25 elements (and counting, as we are constantly adding to the list) to serve as building blocks to create ads that truly match the form, the function and the content of their apps. more