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The basic economic models of supply and demand suggest that the mobile advertising market has been in a steady equilibrium in 2016. Advertisers could find more traffic sources to reach more users while mobile app publishers got access to more ad revenue streams day to day. Looking back at 2016, these were the important advancements that will highly influence further development in mobile native advertising industry:


Director of Engineering, Amir Friedman, and Lead Software Engineer, Kostiantyn Stepaniuk, discuss our ad tech stack and how to scale this in the fast-moving advertising industry.



A warm welcome to the third instalment of our Native Insights series – an interview with Apptentive. In the Native Insights series we are speaking to some of the market’s most innovative companies to bring you groundbreaking insights on all things mobile, native advertising, app development and much more.

Ashley Sefferman Apptentive This time we spoke to Ashley Sefferman, Head of Content at Apptentive, a mobile customer engagement company focused on building a dialogue with app users to humanise the mobile experience.


Mobile used to be a distinct category that marketers would consider alone. But with the mass proliferation of smartphones, Facebook’s mobile first approach and the likes of Apple Pay taking mobile functionality into the real world, mobile is fast becoming the centre of everything electronic.

Resultantly, mobile advertisers need to begin to think beyond the confines of performance advertising on devices. This includes native advertisers who, while well placed to benefit from mobile’s growth, need to think about how to use this development to their advantage and really utilise the potential of native advertising. more

Let’s face it: native advertising and programmatic buying don’t quite sound like they’d go well together. On the surface, their pairing appears to be a clash of qualitative vs. quantitative – of optimizing user experience vs. standardisation and scaling. But what many app publishers and brands aren’t realizing yet, is that native advertising and real-time bidding (RTB) integration is very possible, and it’s poised to become the gold standard in mobile ads. more

With close to 60% of digital ad buyers worldwide either running or planning to run mobile native ad campaigns, it is becoming increasingly clear that native is the future of advertising on mobile. In this mobile native advertising landscape infographic, we present the main players enabling native advertising on mobile today, all along the value chain from advertisers to users.
We divided the ecosystem in to several categories:

  • The largest publishers offering native inventory
  • The programmatic players: RTB-enabled DSPs, exchanges and SSPs
  • The networks: both mobile-focused and cross-platform
  • The social players: social platforms and PMDs
  • The search engines (search ads being native per se)



Native advertising on mobile is the next frontier in mobile monetization: it enables publishers to open up a new and effective revenue channel, while preserving and sometimes even enhancing the user experience of their app or mobile website. In this eBook, discover the 5 steps leading to a seamless and truly native advertising experience:

  • Understand why advertising can be a great monetization strategy
  • Avoid the traps of traditional mobile advertising
  • Embed the ad into the user experience
  • Embed the ad into the user interface
  • Achieve a fully native advertising experience



With native advertising on mobile, publishers can effectively benefit from app monetization while preserving and even enhancing their user experience. With this infographic we summed up the main features and developments of mobile native advertising in five parts:

  • Main Current Figures On Native Advertising
  • A Timeline of the Main Milestones in Native Advertising
  • The Definition of Mobile Native Advertising
  • Native Ads vs. Banner Ads.
  • Why Native is a Framework, Not a Format



At their seasonal and much awaited and scrutinized Keynote conference, Apple has just confirmed the rumors: the new iPhone 6 will come in two screen sizes, both in 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, which is considerably more than the iPhone 5S’s screen size of “only” 4 inches.

Now, what does this mean for mobile native advertising? more

With the Native Advertising Essentials for Mobile Publishers, we gathered the essential metrics and definitions to know to start successfully monetizing your app with native advertising. They are presented into 4 main categories:

  • Key Metrics for Native Advertising
  • How Native Advertising Works Through an API
  • The Mobile Ad Tech Landscape Simplified
  • A Short Ad Tech Glossary