We’re back once again with another interview from the Native Insights series. In this instalment we discuss the importance of advertising at the right moment in our Pretio Interactive interview. more

Director of Engineering, Amir Friedman, and Lead Software Engineer, Kostiantyn Stepaniuk, discuss our ad tech stack and how to scale this in the fast-moving advertising industry.



Over the last few years, ad blockers have gained tremendous traction in the online world. There is clear evidence that users find them beneficial in blocking unwanted or potentially malicious advertisements, but their growth implies a dilemma for those in the marketing and advertising community. Whilst protecting users, ad blockers force marketers to turn to higher quality, more efficient ads that are more positively viewed by users. This means a shift in focus, and native can provide this shift and ultimately the adblock solution. more

Mobile advertising is a rapidly growing industry. With eMarketer tipping mobile ad spend to exceed $100 billion in 2016, the industry is clearly supporting publishers worldwide.

Amidst the gold rush, mobile advertising has not always been well regarded often because of ad quality. Low quality adverts that hog data and disrupt user experience have matched predictions that “mobile ads are going to get more annoying” in the future.

Following Native Insights #4 in which we spoke to digital marketers Cyberclick, this time we are tackling the video ad space with Michelle Bommer from Coull. more

Why Twitter?

By now, I’m sure you know all about the strength of native advertising. What you may not know, however, is how useful Twitter ads can be for brands. In combination, native advertising and Twitter can be the dynamic duo that propels your brand to success. more

Here we are with the fourth interview from the Native Insights series. The series is all about bringing you ad tech, app and native advertising insights from around the world.

To mark the fourth instalment, we interviewed David Tomas and Kelly Rogan from Cyberclick, a leading digital marketing agency that is helping to scale mobile and native advertising in the Spanish and Latin American markets.


A warm welcome to the third instalment of our Native Insights series – an interview with Apptentive. In the Native Insights series we are speaking to some of the market’s most innovative companies to bring you groundbreaking insights on all things mobile, native advertising, app development and much more.

Ashley Sefferman Apptentive This time we spoke to Ashley Sefferman, Head of Content at Apptentive, a mobile customer engagement company focused on building a dialogue with app users to humanise the mobile experience.


Native mobile video advertising looks set to take off based on the upward trend in mobile video ads. eMarketer report that US mobile video advertising spend grew 80.6% last year and will reach nearly $7bn by 2019.

But what exactly is native mobile video advertising? And how can mobile advertisers and publishers take advantage of this new, but rapidly developing, opportunity? We give you the lowdown on this exciting native advertising approach.