Global Mobile Native Demand

PubNative’s Mobile Native Mediation solution provides unified access to an extensive selection of mobile native demand sources.



By utilizing the most extensive aggregation of non-intrusive mobile native advertising, publishers are achieving superior results both in CPMs and fill rates.

Performance & Branding Campaigns

95%+ Fill Rates

Best Possible Yield

Advanced Segmentation and Optimization

Publishers can leverage the most extensive aggregation of mobile native demand by tailoring advertising campaigns to best suit specific user segments.

Granular segmentation enables mobile publishers to customise the ad-delivery by:

  • Demographic criteria
  • User profiles based on app usage
  • Interests
  • Engagement
  • Behaviour
  • And many others, including publisher-specific custom segments

PubNative’s proprietary algorithm optimizes the ad-delivery among different demand sources to match the best performing campaigns for each individual segment.

Programmatic Mediation

Automatically prioritizes mediated ad-networks and campaigns based on real time performance and historical data analysis.

A/B Testing

Enables publishers to fully control the ad delivery. To reach the highest yield, mobile publishers can simultaneously run and analyze both programmatic and static mediation strategies.

Unified Reporting

Publishers do not need to login to different dashboards of multiple ad networks.

PubNative imports and aggregates data from all mediated ad networks and displays it in a unified dashboard enabling easy monitoring and optimization.



As an independent third-party solution, PubNative’s mediation offers full data transparency and allows publishers to price their inventory at the correct market value, maximizing yield across all native sources.

Fast and Straightforward Integration

As tested with multiple developers, average integration of the lightweight mediation SDK takes less than one hour.

PubNative’s account managers based in all time zones are ready to provide prompt technical support globally.

15-60min to integrate

105kb SDK

Compatible with other mediation solutions
Completely open sourced

24/7 technical support

Unbundled SDK

Integrating non-intrusive advertising has always been a priority for us, and with PubNative’s mediation we are assured to receive the best possible yield for our placements.

Alex Madsen, Revenue Marketer at Betternet