Inventory Management

Blacklisting and whitelisting by category and campaign

Full control over your inventory

Following performance in real time

Full performance transparency

Cross-promo and direct deal management

Free of charge directly via Publisher Dashboard

Yield Optimization

eCPM optimization algorithm

Machine learning eCPM optimization algorithm analyzes the performance of the ads shown to display the highest-yielding offers.

Publisher dashboard

Monitoring and optimization of ad delivery.
Advanced performance tracking:
analyzing different dimensions of data
breaking down reports
comparing across time periods
customizing the report view at any time



performance tracking

PubNative Exchange

Programmatic Private Exchange

Mediates hundreds of RTB-enabled exchanges and ad networks. Gives accesss to 400+ demand partners including premium brands such as New York Times, Uber, King and Zynga.

RTB Exchange Compatibility

Fully supports the native specifications of the IAB’s OpenRTB v2.2+ Protocol. Provides access to RTB demand to efficiently fill native inventory.

Native Adaptor

The world’s first mobile native adaptor for all types of demand sources gives publishers access to demand from all mobile ad networks and demand-side platforms.

90%+ Global Fill Rates

Through PubNative Exchange, native adaptor and RTB compatibility, publishers benefit from global fill rates above 90%.

Demand Partners Working with Us

Publisher Support

Creative Services

Experienced design team with a strong focus on performance

Data driven creative optimization and dynamic A/B testing

IAB & MMA defined native ad units and fully customizable native ads

Account Management

Strategy & Planning

The best monetization strategy for individual goals of each publisher and app


Consultative approach and one-on-one support to ensure a smooth technical integration


Advanced performance tracking and reporting for optimization of ad delivery

Partnering with PubNative has been great! PubNative provides way better fill rates compared to other companies we have worked with.

Fritz Mikio Kurbayashi, CEO, IGNIS AMERICA, INC