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2018 in Review: Our Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts

As the year draws to a close, we look back over our most popular blog posts in 2018. From the GDPR countdown to our partnership with The Media Trust and Fraudlogix, along with our attendance at conferences such as GMIC and DMEXCO, it’s certainly been a busy year for the PubNative team! Enjoy catching up on what we wrote about in 2018.

  1. Combating Bad Ads with The Media Trust

Back in July, we announced our partnership with The Media Trust, the leading provider of ad security monitoring solutions to clients in the online and mobile advertising ecosystem. “At PubNative we have always taken a user-first approach to the ad experience we deliver so we are excited to partner with The Media Trust as another level of defense on top of our internal efforts,” said Shreyansh Tewari, Head Of Yield and Business Intelligence at PubNative. As we grow our in-app header bidding solution and connect to new demand every day, we are committed to solving this issue and to continue our efforts to build the cleanest exchange, with a number of planned initiatives rolling out over the course of the next quarters.”

Read the full post here.

  1. 4 Things We Learned at Our First GMIC Beijing

Next up, some of the Berlin team attended GMIC for the first time along with the Beijing team in April of this year and told us all about their experiences at Asia’s largest technology conference. Find out how China takes conferences and parties to the next level, how fast technology moves, the positioning of programmatic advertising in the APAC market and the importance of mobile in the team’s summarizing blog post.

  1. EmoPII: If GDPR Had a Sense of Humour

It wouldn’t be 2018 without constant mentions of GDPR so in this post we decided to poke some fun at the unavoidable topic of the year. “PubNative, the leading mobile monetization platform today announced the launch of EmoPII, a definitely-not-GDPR-compliant tool that helps advertisers to continue targeting the right audiences with relevant ads in the right place, at the right time.”

Find out how our proposed satirical EmoPII technology works here.

  1. Fighting Ad Fraud: PubNative and Fraudlogix

Another great partnership this year was formed between PubNative and Fraudlogix, a company specializing in “providing solutions for mobile install fraud, affiliate lead fraud, and ad fraud on the supply-side of the RTB programmatic market”. With fraudulent traffic costing the industry billions of dollars in recent years, we teamed up with Frauflogix to have access to a “more equipped suite of services to help provide the highest traffic quality for our customers”.

Read more about the partnership here.

  1. The Hot Seat: Bringing Programmatic Inhouse

This year we published a series of interviews with AdTech professionals and mobile enthusiasts, the first of which featured Robert Weatherhead, a digital advertising consultant at Agent Wolf and Mufadal Jiwaji, Head of Programmatic at foodora. Learn about their perspectives on brands and agencies bringing their programmatic efforts inhouse in 2018 in this post.

  1. 5 UX Friendly Tips to Monetize Your Messaging App

“How can messaging apps monetize their apps without being detrimental to the user experience and driving away their hard-earned users?” Read about why ‘good design is good business’, along with the importance of timing and getting to know your audience is essential for optimizing your monetization strategy in this blog post.

  1. The Countdown Is On: GDPR FAQs Answered

As we mentioned, it wouldn’t be 2018 without a GDPR article overload! In this post, we cleared up some confusion surrounding the legislation which came into effect on May 25th. Maybe there is still some uncertainty when it comes to some aspects so have a read to make sure you’re ‘in the know’!

  1. DMEXCO Recap: Our 3 Key Takeaways

At number three is our three key takeaways from DMEXCO this year, where we spoke to some of the team to find out about their experiences at the digital marketing conference in Cologne. Our Director of Demand Operations, András Konfár discusses the top trends from the event such as Connected TV (CTV), GDPR, and we look at DMEXCO’s motto for this year in relation to transparency and anti-fraud. Discover the insights here.

  1. The Hot Seat: Can Blockchain Save AdTech?
Another popular blog post from this year was the second edition of our interview series, this time with Kirill Sofronov, a blockchain consultant, Matt Hrushka, XCHNG’s Product Marketing Manager & PubNative’s own blockchain enthusiast and Head of Business Intelligence & Yield, Shreyansh T. “At all of the conferences we’ve attended this year, speakers and panelists across industries have described AdTech as the industry most ripe for blockchain disruption. But is the hype legit? Can blockchain really solve the industry-wide fraud crisis?” Find out here.
  1. Mobile Advertising Landscape | 2018 Edition

At number one is our 2018 version of the mobile advertising landscape, first published in February and updated in October, which provides an overview of the players in the industry. “Whether you’re new to the space or just brushing up on your knowledge, we hope this resource will help to guide you through the growing ecosystem of mobile advertising.” Check it out here and stay tuned for our 2019 edition!

We hope you enjoyed some catch-up reading of our top blog posts from 2018! Which one was your favorite? Let us know by dropping us an email at marketing@pubnative.net.

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