6 Years of PubNative

Celebrating Our 6th Anniversary With 6 Facts About PubNative

From 2014 to 2020

This month we’re celebrating six years of PubNative by taking a look at how much we’ve grown and evolved since we were founded back in July 2014. From starting out as a small team of mobile app enthusiasts running a purely native supply-side platform (SSP) to becoming a global programmatic ad exchange with a hugely diverse and multicultural team, a lot has been achieved in six years. Not to mention being acquired by top investment firm Media and Games Invest (MGI) and acquiring the advertising technology and development team of mobile publisher TVSMILES in 2019. More recently we’ve joined Verve Group, a data-first brand performance platform, so it has certainly been an eventful few years of progress and development. See below for six facts about PubNative you may or may not know about us;

6 Facts About PubNative

Fact #1: PubNative’s Business Goes Beyond Native Advertising

Back in 2014 when PubNative launched its monetization ad platform for mobile publishers, it was focused 100% on native advertising, hence the name. Fast forward six years and the company has enhanced its offering to incorporate all major ad formats such as display and video in order to provide a more comprehensive solution for publishers and demand partners.

Fact #2: Diverse Colleagues With Diverse Interests

Over the years, PubNative has employed people from all over the world with unique backgrounds and hobbies, with 25+ nationalities represented in our global offices. We’ve had various social clubs and Slack groups to share our interests including a movie club, coffee lovers’ group, food lovers, music lovers, running, laser tag, bouldering, board games and video games clubs, cooking competitions, and more recently a basketball team has started up! 

Fact #3: PubNative Experimented With Native Ads On the Apple Watch

Back in 2015, we launched support for native ads on the Apple Watch, where app publishers could integrate custom ad formats specifically tailored to the user experience of their app on Apple’s smartwatches. Brands could also benefit from these customized native integrations, enhancing user experience, and reaching people in a unique setting. It was a great learning curve for us and an exciting medium to break into. 

Fact #4: PubNative’s First Native API Had 25 Elements

PubNative’s initial approach was to provide a solely API-based solution for app publishers, positioning its first offering as “One API. No SDK, no templates.” Today, we can see how far we’ve come as we now offer multiple integration methods for publishers and our SDK footprint is continuously growing. PubNative’s native API had 25 elements before it was standardized one year later to 5 elements by IAB. 

Fact #5: Verve Group Brings PubNative and Applift Back Together

PubNative was a spin-off project from Applift and was founded by Applift’s former Head of Product, Ionut Ciobotaru. Ionut established PubNative as a native-first ad platform that placed API integration at the forefront and many of the first PubNative employees also came from Applift. Six years on and PubNative joins forces with Applift and Verve to form one unified ad platform, Verve Group. The newly formed Verve Group’s holistic offering aims to provide a transparent and open marketplace for brands and publishers.

Fact #6: Pioneers in the In-App Bidding Ecosystem

PubNative’s HyBid solution was launched in 2018, early in the game of in-app bidding or mobile header bidding products available in the advertising landscape. The solution is a hybrid setup of the traditional waterfall ad serving process combined with in-app bidding technology, allowing publishers to maximize revenues by running simultaneous auctions. You can learn about the in-app bidding landscape and where PubNative is positioned here

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