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Guest Post: App Store Optimization – How to Take Advantage of New Territories to Unlock New Ad Inventory

The following post is a guest piece by Gummicube, a global leader in App Store Optimization.

When thinking about expanding your reach and scaling up your in-app monetization, finding new growth opportunities is key. This can include expanding your app to new territories.

In order to properly launch your app and marketing in new regions, the best practices of App Store Optimization (ASO) can help improve your marketing strategy and increase your global reach.

The Benefits of Expanding Territories

People around the world use apps on a daily basis – why not make your app go global? Apple recently expanded its Search Ads to new territories, and it’s only getting bigger. Each new region is a new chance to reach users, whereas staying in one territory only limits you while your competitors get ahead.

Expanding to new territories can help scale your app, and with the scaling comes new users to display ads to. This, in turn, provides the opportunity to increase ad visibility and reach a wider user base.

Effectively Expand by Optimizing

 If you want to properly expand into the territory and reach users with your ads, you will need App Store Optimization. You may think ASO is just choosing the best keywords, but it’s so much more than that – ASO can have a major impact on your paid marketing, from the users you reach to the audience insights you can gain while optimizing.

Optimizing your app for each territory can help effectively cater your ads to your target demographics for more effective marketing. Without ASO, your ads will be sailing without a heading and trying to draw any attention it can get. If you do not want your competitors to reach your audience first, you need to optimize. 

How ASO Helps Your Ad Inventory

 At this point, you may be wondering what ASO is and how it works. Simply put: App Store Optimization helps your app grow in terms of rankings, views and conversions on the App Store.

 There are several aspects to the optimization process, including:

  Search optimization

  Conversion optimization

  Paid marketing

  Keyword targeting

More Visibility Means More Ad Revenue

While these various attributes work together to accomplish several app marketing goals, one major objective is improving your visibility. The more users can see your app, the more ad revenue potential exists.

Since ASO can improve all your traffic channels, this helps you engage more users, and thus gain more ad revenue. However, in order to reach your full global potential, you need to optimize for each territory. That will require data tied to each area you launch in.

Why Territory Data Matters

Very few things in life are truly universal. Trends, terminology and in-demand features vary across each region, including everything from what keywords users search for to what visual elements can improve conversions.

Keyword volume will vary from region to region, due to differing languages and local dialects. Likewise, creative elements that work well in one territory are not guaranteed to perform as well in another.

If you try to use the same design and keywords in every territory you launch in, you are only limiting yourself.

Localize Your Apps and Ads

Instead, research the data for each territory. Your research should include the keyword volumes and creative designs for top-performing apps. This will help you improve your App Store Optimization as well as the effectiveness of the ads you use within your app.

Understanding how users behave and what they respond to in different territories will help you create effective ads for each new region.

You need to utilize the unique data for each territory. That will allow you to efficiently research trends and pinpoint areas where you can improve. You can’t grow and identify weaknesses unless you hone in on your performance in different regions.

In short, the better you cater your ASO and ads to each territory, the greater gains you can see from them. If you do not localize, you’re missing out on ad revenue. 

The Difference Localization Makes

While it is true that you need to spend money to make money, it is not a one-to-one ratio. How well your app is optimized will have a significant impact on your ROI.

To see this in action, let’s look at an example. When a mobile game expanded to South Korea, it was heavily investing in ad spending to reach users. The company began to optimize and localize the app listing for the region, including the app itself, the keywords and the in-app purchases.

The result was that even as ad spend decreased by 11%, revenue continued to increase by 35%. The difference that localization and optimization had on overall revenue cannot be overstated.

Gummicube ad spend ASO Gummicube Revenue ASO

Apply Your ASO Learning to Ads

 Once your app is optimized and localized, you will have new insights about user tastes and preferences in your new territories. This information can then be used for a more granular segmentation of users and as a result, optimized ad servings.

Turning ASO Into Advertising 

You can cater your ads to your audience using what you have learned during the optimization process. Running A/B tests can identify what designs, ad placements or value propositions users like when they see your app – that same data can be applied to your ads.

Pay attention to how your keywords and features impact conversions. Look at your ads’ conversion rates to see what’s the most successful. This will help you direct your budget towards ads that perform well, rather than throwing good money after bad on ads with low returns.

This will vary from territory to territory. Each new region will have new trends you’ll want to research and learn, but once you find out what works where, you will have even stronger ad campaigns.


Tailoring your app to your audience can help your ads hit home. When you want to expand, localizing your app for new territories helps open up new potential streams of ad revenue. By researching each territory, including its keyword and creative trends, you can refine your marketing and help achieve a better ROI around the world. 

Without optimization or localization, your potential ad inventory will remain untapped no matter where you launch. You need to speak your audience’s language, and a localized optimization can help you do that.

About the Author

Gummicube Co-Founder & CEO, Dave Bell

Gummicube is a global leader in App Store Optimization with more than 11 years of experience optimizing and marketing apps. We offer the leading enterprise ASO technology and agency services, providing support to clients around the world. Our company is trusted by thousands of enterprise brands and leading startups including Microsoft, LinkedIn, Bethesda, SWEAT, GrubHub, McAfee and many others.

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