eBook: Mobile Ad Tech for Newbies
Volume 1: DEMAND

Mobile ad tech for newbies demand side

We are excited to share with you our brand new eBook: Mobile Ad Tech for Newbies. Volume 1 which focuses on the Demand-side of mobile ad tech. In this eBook you will discover: Mobile Ad Tech – No More Mysteries! Chicken or Egg? Which Came First: Supply or Demand? Tricks on How to Never Mix […]   READ MORE

Native Insights #6: Pretio Interactive Interview

Pretio Interactive Interview

We’re back once again with another interview from the Native Insights series. In this instalment we discuss the importance of advertising at the right moment in our Pretio Interactive interview.   READ MORE

Startup Safary x PubNative Tech Workshop

Director of Engineering, Amir Friedman, and Lead Software Engineer, Kostiantyn Stepaniuk, discuss our ad tech stack and how to scale this in the fast-moving advertising industry.   READ MORE

Native Insights #5: Coull Interview

Coull Interview

Following Native Insights #4 in which we spoke to digital marketers Cyberclick, this time we are tackling the video ad space with Michelle Bommer from Coull.   READ MORE

Native Insights #4: Cyberclick Interview

Cyberclick Interview

Here we are with the fourth interview from the Native Insights series. The series is all about bringing you ad tech, app and native advertising insights from around the world.   READ MORE