EmoPII: If GDPR Had a Sense of Humour

Ou Est l’AdTech? Comparing the scene last year at Cannes Lions, where the Jetée Albert Edouard was dominated by the AdTech flotilla, you would be forgiven for thinking that an iceberg had sunk the usual brigade of floating gin palaces before the festival this year. An iceberg of sorts has been forming in the world […]   READ MORE

Combating Bad Ads with The Media Trust

Today, we are happy to announce our partnership with The Media Trust, the global leader in ad security monitoring that will help to protect the quality and efficacy of our clients’ programmatic advertising. We hope the new partnership will complement our in-house vetting technology and provide our publishers with more advanced brand-safe solutions for their […]   READ MORE

What Can Adtech Learn from Health-Tech Startups?

We recently hosted the latest On Product meetup here in our Berlin HQ. Now one of the largest product management meetups in Berlin, the group offers a platform for product people across all industries to meet and share their insights from their daily work in product management. In the latest meetup, we were joined by […]   READ MORE

The Countdown Is On: GDPR FAQs Answered

So folks, it’s now less than two weeks to go until the GDPR comes into effect but a cloud of confusion still surrounds this major overhaul of data legislation, particularly for those of you based outside the EU. At this point, we’ll spare you the by now, repetitious details of what the GDPR is and […]   READ MORE

4 Things We Learned at Our First GMIC Beijing

Last month, some lucky members of our Berlin team attended the GMIC conference in Beijing. Now in its 10th year, over 52,000 attendees descended on the Chinese capital for what has become one of the most influential internet conferences in the world. In this post, we caught up with the team to hear more about […]   READ MORE

How to Optimize Conversion Matching With Cold Storage

The following post was written by Andrew Djoga. Andrew is a software engineer specialised in backend stack development and data processing, with experience in building scalable, fault tolerant distributed systems that deal with large data volumes. Millions of users across the globe, from different devices click on ads provided by us and install apps thereby generating […]   READ MORE

Fighting Ad Fraud

A series of reports published on the topic of ad fraud last year estimated that fraudulent traffic would cost the industry anything from $7.2 billion to $16.4 billion by the end of 2017. After a number of high-profile legal cases with the likes of Uber and ESPN, Adland was shaken. But in the immediate months […]   READ MORE

The Hot Seat: Can Blockchain Save AdTech?

Blockchain has been heralded by the media as the saviour of the entire AdTech ecosystem and even more extremely – the world, after being likened to the internet for its potential to revolutionize the way people communicate and do business. It seems every day a new blockchain initiative is launched to tackle the efficiency issues […]   READ MORE

5 UX Friendly Tips to Monetize Your Messaging App

Messaging apps have been a hot topic lately since statistics emerged that showed how messaging apps have 20% more monthly active users than social networking apps and have become the primary method of communication for people globally. Snapchat, one of the messaging app industry’s greatest success stories seemed to have mastered their in-app UX and […]   READ MORE

The Hot Seat: Bringing Programmatic Inhouse

This post is the first in a series of interviews with Ad-Tech professionals and mobile enthusiasts. In just about every adtech trend report published in the last two years, advertisers and agencies bringing their programmatic efforts in-house has been listed as the most disruptive trend for the industry today. Driven by concerns over brand safety, […]   READ MORE