eBook: Mobile Ad Tech for Newbies
Volume 1: DEMAND

Mobile ad tech for newbies demand side

We are excited to share with you our brand new eBook: Mobile Ad Tech for Newbies. Volume 1 which focuses on the Demand-side of mobile ad tech. In this eBook you will discover: Mobile Ad Tech – No More Mysteries! Chicken or Egg? Which Came First: Supply or Demand? Tricks on How to Never Mix […]   READ MORE

Mobile Native Video Advertising: What You Need to Know

Mobile Native Video Advertising

Native mobile video advertising looks set to take off based on the upward trend in mobile video ads. eMarketer report that US mobile video advertising spend grew 80.6% last year and will reach nearly $7bn by 2019.   READ MORE

The Potential of Native in 2016, 3 Insights From Last Year

potential of native

Mobile used to be a distinct category that marketers would consider alone. But with the mass proliferation of smartphones, Facebook’s mobile first approach and the likes of Apple Pay taking mobile functionality into the real world, mobile is fast becoming the centre of everything electronic.   READ MORE