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Combating Bad Ads with The Media Trust

Partnership with The Media Trust

Today, we are happy to announce our partnership with The Media Trust, the global leader in ad security monitoring that will help to protect the quality and efficacy of our clients’ programmatic advertising. We hope the new partnership will complement our in-house vetting technology and provide our publishers with more advanced brand-safe solutions for their inventory.

The rise of malvertising and quality challenges like intrusive pop-ups and auto-redirects have become a growing concern, with fraudulent practices estimated to be costing the digital ad industry roughly $8.2 billion every year. Malvertising affects every player along the supply chain as publishers lose users to ad blocking, DSPs are blocked out from exchanges and brands suffer damage to their reputation. Overcoming the threats posed by malvertising is an important step toward better user experiences and more brand-safe advertising for the entire ecosystem.

“At PubNative we have always taken a user-first approach to the ad experience we deliver so we are excited to partner with The Media Trust as another level of defense on top of our internal efforts,” said Shreyansh Tewari, Head Of Yield and Business Intelligence at PubNative. As we grow our in-app header bidding solution and connect to new demand every day, we are committed to solving this issue and to continue our efforts to build the cleanest exchange, with a number of planned initiatives rolling out over the course of the next quarters.

24/7 Protection

The Media Trust’s media scanner service provides 24/7 protection against malware secretly embedded in ad tags. If the system detects anything suspicious or malicious, it immediately notifies PubNative so it can be removed and the infected ad tag blocked. With The Media Trust, PubNative gains granular, real-time visibility and control over the ad tags served from its programmatic platform.

“We are very excited to be working with innovative technology companies like PubNative to support their efforts to provide a safer, more user-friendly digital experience for publishers and end users,” said Matt O’Neill, General Manager, Europe At The Media Trust. “As a growing number of laws and regulations like the GDPR, ePrivacy, and Canada’s upcoming PIPEDA influence the online supply chain, investing in the right tools to monitor and ensure an organization and their third parties’ compliance has become more urgent than ever. PubNative is showing itself to be a responsible and good neighbor in this increasingly complex landscape. I look forward to working with them as our latest technology partner in Europe.”

The Media Trust monitoring and protection solutions will be available worldwide on our platform beginning immediately.

About The Media Trust

The Media Trust works with the world’s largest, most-heavily trafficked digital properties—websites and mobile apps—to provide real-time security, first-party data protection, and privacy, performance management and quality assurance solutions that help protect, monetize and optimize the user experience across desktop, smartphone, tablet and gaming devices. 

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