DMEXCO 2019 Recap | PubNative

DMEXCO 2019 Recap | PubNative

This year’s Digital Marketing Expo & Conference (DMEXCO) marked its 10th anniversary and for PubNative, it was our 5th time attending the major event. Along with around 1,000 other exhibitors and 40,000 visitors, we made the most of the two busy days in Cologne, meeting with existing and new potential clients and industry friends. Here are our top takeaways from the conference;

PubNative booth at DMEXCO 2019Performance Goes Programmatic

It’s no secret that programmatic advertising has been one of the most significant trends in the industry and at each DMEXCO we visit, we are noticing more and more that the shift from performance to programmatic is becoming more evident. This year, it was really reflected at the conference, as many publishers that we met expressed interest in testing different solutions than their traditional mediation such as Prebid mobile or supporting direct OpenRTB connections by in-housing their monetization stack.

IAB Europe’s report ‘Attitudes to Programmatic Advertising’ launched during DMEXCO at their programmatic seminar on the first day of the conference. The report revealed that programmatic revenue grew to €16.7BN ($18.5BN) in 2018. With this, IAB Europe’s CEO outlined the expectations that digital out-of-home (DOOH), Connected TV & audio to be major areas of growth in programmatic advertising. 

App-ads.txt Adoption Not as High as Expected

Low rates of adoption on the buy-side for app-ads.txt was also highlighted in IAB’s aforementioned report, with an insistence from them that this, along with transparency within the supply chain, are matters to be addressed with their members. This was apparent at DMEXCO as there seemed to be a lack of awareness and concerns from buyers about the IAB initiative. It’s plain to see that buyers require more knowledge on the importance of app-ads.txt as the numbers of adoption right now are quite low, with just 6% of advertisers and 26% of agencies buying a majority of verified inventory. Once these efforts for transparency and visibility are more widely recognized and more time is spent on adequate education of the market, a cleaner and more democratic industry can be achieved. The motto for DMEXCO this year was ‘Trust in You’, and trust is exactly what is needed to move forward.

World of Agencies DMEXCO 2019 PubNative RecapOvercoming Challenges Together

The advertising technology industry has been shaken up by external factors and last year’s digital marketing expo revolved around discussions of GDPR. This year, the ‘crumbling cookie’ was at the forefront of conversation, no doubt a result of the EU privacy law and the imminent California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) set to come into effect in 2020. Google’s keynote at the conference ‘Making the Web Work in the Privacy First World’ offered a solution to the cookie decline with a privacy-first approach that would not compromise online advertising. However, this “band-aid solution” is argued to only benefit larger publishers and leaves smaller companies to find their own alternative techniques.

It’s clear that to overcome this ‘cookie-pocalypse’, strengthened partnerships and alternative solutions are required to achieve a better advertising future. Let’s see what these solutions will be at next year’s DMEXCO.

What were your top takeaways from DMEXCO this year? Let us know! Drop us an email to & check out our other posts.

PubNative Recap DMEXCO 2019

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