Photograph from the Golang meetup in Berlin

Ways to Do Things: Golang Meetup 2018

Go is an open source programming language created at Google in 2009 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson. Designed to make programmers more productive, Go makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. With a growing global community of users, various groups have been established around the world for Go users to meet and share their tips and best practices. To learn more about the Golang community and the purpose of the meetups, we caught up with Bruno Wozniak, Head of Technology at PubNative.

Tell us more about the Golang community

It’s a Berlin-based group of Golang users who host regular meetups around the city. The aim of the meetups is to network and learn from other users and to discuss Go related topics. It’s a great space to share our experiences using the language and also to meet other developers in the community who have interesting tips and experiences to share.

How did you get involved?

We use Go pretty heavily at PubNative to build our software and after attending a number of the Golang meetups, we thought it made sense to host it in our own office and to share our hands-on experience using it.

What were the main topics of discussion?

We had a great talk from Peter Bourgon from Fastly, where he shared his tips and patterns for designing elegant async executor pools. It’s always interesting to learn how other people are using Go at their companies or for their own personal projects. Kostiantyn Stepaniuk, our Head of Engineering here at PubNative also gave a talk on some of the things we discovered in our three years of building and maintaining Go apps as well as some insights on building scalable and resilient services in a sustainable way.

Who should attend the meetings?

Pretty much anyone who’s interested in learning about the language can attend. There’s always a broad range of experience levels in the audience from entry level, to super experienced which allows for more varied discussion. There’s a lot of opportunities to ask questions and look for help on solving an issue and everyone is really respectful of one another. The meetups are also great for developers who are looking for jobs as they can meet people from companies who are hiring and they can meet the team and get an impression of the company who is hosting the event in their office.

PubNative is hiring for a number of tech positions. Check out our careers page here.

To learn more about the Golang community or to join the next Golang Meetup, click here.

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