Improve Opt-In Rates in iOS 14

From Zero to Hero: A User-Centric Guide to Improve Opt-In Rates in iOS 14

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Update as of Feb 8, 2021: Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) framework is expected to go live and be enforced in the upcoming public release of iOS 14 in March.

Improve Opt-In Rates in iOS 14

This autumn, what is probably to be mid to end of September, Apple is launching its iOS 14 update with new privacy regulations shaking up the mobile advertising ecosystem. There have been many discussions and articles written about how this will affect publishers, advertisers and other players in the industry and we previously discussed how the forecasted ‘apocalypse’ is actually a very important milestone for privacy-first advertising. But until we get there, we want to address what’s probably more relevant in the short term, especially considering the tight timeline, which is to improve opt-in rates for app developers – advertisers and publishers alike.

Verve Group has been researching the best practices from top publishers across app verticals. From the results of the research, we’ve put together an interactive user journey for iOS 14, which you can try at the end of the article.

The journey will take you through the user funnel as you go from downloads/updates, to first steps, as well as engagements later down the funnel. How many users can you expect at each stop? Let’s begin.


IDFA opt-in interactive flow chart

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