iphone 6 android fragmentation

What the iPhone 6 Specs Mean for Native Advertising

At their seasonal and much awaited and scrutinized Keynote conference, Apple has just confirmed the rumors: the new iPhone 6 will come in two screen sizes, both in 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, which is considerably more than the iPhone 5S’s screen size of “only” 4 inches.

Now, what does this mean for mobile native advertising?

Well, it appears that this decision to introduce two new (bigger) screen sizes will force developers to adapt their apps and, consequently, their advertising formats. This change brings to iOS part of an issue, which, until now, only concerned Android developers: screen size and aspect ratio fragmentation.

Here’s the state of device fragmentation on Android in August 2014 according to OpenSignal.

iphone 6 android fragmentation

 Why the iPhone 6 Specs matter

The situation is far better on iOS and Apple will most certainly provide handy tools to help developers make apps across all their devices’ screen sizes and ratios. However, we have seen what this fragmentation can do for standardized ad formats (banners in particular), especially when they are served through an SDK, the latter being most often completely “blind” to the environment to which it is integrated:


For this reason, it is now more important than ever for both iOS and Android developers/publishers to make sure that they monetize their app through advertising formats which always perfectly fit the design of their apps. An ad format ill-adapted to the screen size could be fatal for the user experience, cause churn and consequently badly hurt monetization down the road.

The latest Apple announcement once again stresses the need for flexible, customized integrations that perfectly fit the design and purpose of their publishing estate.

Happy native advertising!

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