PubNative's Contribution to Mobile Header Bidding in 2019 With Prebid

PubNative’s Contribution to Mobile Header Bidding in 2019 With Prebid

This week marks the release of the demo app Dr. Prebid available on Android, contributing to the Prebid organization and assisting to provide solutions to publishers for enabling header bidding on mobile apps. 

What is Prebid?

Prebid is an open source collection of free products created to allow web and mobile publishers to implement header bidding on their websites and apps. was founded in 2017 and was “designed to ensure and promote fair, transparent, and efficient header bidding across the industry”. With a range of projects including Prebid.js, Prebid Server, and Prebid Mobile, Prebid brings together skilled experts in the AdTech community to provide common open source solutions for publishers in the programmatic ecosystem.

PubNative’s Contribution to Prebid

PubNative is a member of the Prebid Mobile committee and our first big contribution release is the Dr. Prebid demo app for Android. The app helps developers to validate and troubleshoot their implementation of Prebid Mobile. It can also be used to validate settings for ad server setup, Prebid Server configuration, and end-to-end Prebid Mobile SDK implementation. In addition, Dr. Prebid can be used to troubleshoot in cases where bid responses are not being received as expected. The Android version currently supports MoPub as a client Ad Server and Rubicon, AppNexus and custom Prebid Servers solutions. Support for Google Ad Manager (ex-DFP) Ad Server is planned in the next major release as well.

The Growth of Mobile Header Bidding

The programmatic technique header bidding allows publishers to carry out a unified auction to sell their ad inventory on multiple exchanges at the same time prior to making calls to their ad servers. The widely adopted method has shown monumental success over recent years due to its efficiency and ability to maximize revenues for publishers. Following in its footsteps, albeit at a slower rate, is header bidding for mobile apps. Perhaps a more fitting term is ‘unified auction’ or ‘parallel bidding’ for the method within mobile apps, due to them not having an actual header in place. Challenges with SDK integrations and lack of knowledge when dealing with web and mobile apps in unison have led to this slower adoption rate of in-app header bidding but the outlook still remains promising for this steadily growing trend. Check out our previous post to read more about header bidding and PubNative’s hybrid SDK.

PubNative and the Prebid Mobile Committee

What Prebid achieves with Prebid Mobile is providing a transparent, open source solution for mobile app publishers, enabling direct access to multiple buyers, reducing latency and flattening mediation layers. We’re thrilled to be part of the Prebid Mobile committee and we will continue to actively contribute to Prebid’s open source community, advocate for universal in-app header bidding tools and the widespread expansion of mobile header bidding in the programmatic sphere. Stay tuned for more upcoming announcements!

Any questions regarding in-app header bidding or Prebid? Drop us an email to for more information.

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