mobile native advertising

Mobile Native Advertising: The Next Frontier of App Monetization [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mobile Native Advertising

With native advertising on mobile, publishers can effectively benefit from app monetization while preserving and even enhancing their user experience. With this infographic, we summed up the main features and developments of mobile native advertising in five parts:

  • Main Current Figures On Native Advertising
  • A Timeline of the Main Milestones in Native Advertising
  • The Definition of Mobile Native Advertising
  • Native Ads vs. Banner Ads.
  • Why Native is a Framework, Not a Format

Native advertising is going mobile, it’s no longer just about search engine ads and sponsored content. These days it’s social media in-feed ads and in-app advertising, across all verticals. We have already given some native ad integration examples in our previous blog posts about the building blocks that our developer and publisher clients can use to make native ads that seamlessly fit their app’s design. This goes for news, games, messaging and chat, music and, as our new mobile native advertising infographic states, to infinity and beyond. And performance follows: our internal data shows that native ads see two to five times more engagement than traditional banner ads.

The Rise of Mobile Native Advertising

Though online native advertising has been around since 2000, mobile native advertising is just this year starting to flourish. Native ad revenue as a percentage of total mobile ad revenue is estimated to grow from 32.1 percent in 2012 to 49.3 percent in 2014. A substantial increase when you consider that the total mobile ad revenue is set to grow from $8 billion to $31 billion.

In terms of use cases for native ads, 71 percent of advertisers who use native ads are using them for branding purposes, and 65 percent are using them for sales, conversions and performance marketing. How this moves forward as the market progresses and there is an accurate, clearly defined way to measure native advertising’s effectiveness.

If you would like to learn more about native advertising, read our latest blog post about the distinction between native ads, sponsored content and in-feed ads or follow us on Twitter!



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