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Native Ads Building Blocks in the Spotlight, Part II

Welcome to the second part of our native building blocks series, where we showcase the 25+ elements publishers can request via PubNative’s API and use as building blocks to create beautiful ads to seamlessly match the form and function of their apps. If you haven’t discovered the first 5 elements yet, click here!

We are now casting light on the next 5 elements. We’re eager to see how you will make use of them!

  1. App Main Category
    • Parameter in the response: “app_details.category”main category
    • Format of the response: string
    • Example: “Casual”
    • Description:
      • The category of the advertised app, which can be different from the one defined in the App Store. For instance PubNative offers more granularity for the general “games” category than the App Store does.


  2. App Sub Category
    • Parameter in the response: “app_details.sub_category”sub category
    • Format of the response: string
    • Example: “Matching Games”
    • Description: The sub category of the advertised app, which can also be different from the one defined in the App Store (NB: in the App Store, only the general category for “Games” has sub categories).


  3. App Editorial Review Text
    • Parameter in the response: “”Editorial review
    • Format of the response: string
    • Example: Match your way through candyland! Candy Crush offers simple but polished match 3 gameplay with a cute look. Your progress can be slowed by the limited amount of lives. Lives replenish in time or via facebook sharing.”
    • Description: A neutral review text for the advertised app provided by PubNative’s experienced editorial team. It can prove very useful if you want to integrate native advertising as a sponsored review into an app.


  4. App Editorial Review Pros
    • Parameter in the response: “app_details.review_pros”Review pros
    • Format of the response: string array
    • Example: 
      • “Cute look”
      • “Intuitive controls”
      • “Easy to get into”
    • Description: Up to 3 positive “list style” review items for a sponsored app review.


  5. App Editorial Review Cons
    • Parameter in the response: “app_details.review_cons”Review cons
    • Format of the response: string array
    • Example: 
      • “First levels not challenging enough”
      • “Lacks a multi-player mode”
    • Description:  Up to 3 negative review items to add a “neutral” feel to the sponsored review, usually used together with the review pros.

As usual and for more inspiration, head to the “Integration Example” section of the Developer Portal.

Stay tuned for the next installment of our Native Ads Building Blocks in the Spotlight series, where the next five elements will be unveiled!

For any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch! Send us an email at

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