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Native Advertising Essentials for Mobile Publishers

Today, although the vast majority out of the overall app revenue comes from in-app purchases, monetizing via virtual items remains extremely hard. On average, only a tiny fraction of the user base manages to convert, which means that publishers need to average out over their whole user base in order to make up for their user acquisition cost.

For this reason, in-app advertising, if and when done right, remains an attractive monetization strategy for all mobile publishers.

At PubNative we firmly believe in the potential of native advertising on mobile, and our mission is by all possible means to enable publishers to integrate native advertising into their app in the best and most seamless way.

This is why we are presenting you the Native Advertising Essentials for Mobile Publishers. We gathered the essential things to know to successfully monetize your app with native advertising into four main categories and presented everything in the most succinct and clear way possible:

  • Key Metrics for Native Advertising
  • How Native Advertising Works Through an API
  • The Mobile Ad Tech Landscape Simplified
  • A Short Ad Tech Glossary

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