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Native Insights #4: Cyberclick Interview

Here we are with the fourth interview from the Native Insights series. The series is all about bringing you ad tech, app and native advertising insights from around the world.

To mark the fourth instalment, we interviewed David Tomas and Kelly Rogan from Cyberclick, a leading digital marketing agency that is helping to scale mobile and native advertising in the Spanish and Latin American markets.

Can you briefly introduce Cyberclick?

Cyberclick is a group of leading companies operating in a range of Digital Marketing disciplines including performance marketing, native advertising and social ads. We have a notable connection with Twitter, who we’ve partnered with to create the Twitter Tech Marketing solution. This in-house solution uses artificial intelligence to optimize Twitter Ads, creating thousands of micro segmentations with the ability to automatically determine the ad combination and provide actionable data for our clients.

We currently work with multinational clients whose headquarters are within Spain, running campaigns all through Europe, South America and North America.

What kind of role do mobile and native advertising play for your clients?

The role of mobile and native advertising in Cyberclick is growing significantly. We don’t use mobile as an independent strategy, everything we do needs to involve mobile because that is where the users are and we genuinely feel that it is impossible to have a successful strategy for online marketing without mobile.

In terms of native, it is small but we are seeing tremendous growth and interest from our clients, especially when we are able to show them that we can attract a user that is not interested in ads and only reacts to content.

When advising your clients about their marketing budgets, how much emphasis do you usually put on mobile?

We encourage our clients to focus on mobile since we know it is absolutely necessary to obtain the best ROI. We advise them to have a completely responsive mobile website and when possible build apps. We also strongly advise them to run ads on platforms like Twitter who have 80% of their active users on mobile.

What do you think is stopping more companies using native ads?

I think the lack of knowledge and the mind shift that native ads represent is why some people are not using them. Some people are stuck in the old ways of doing marketing and don’t realize the benefits on the non-intrusive type of advertising but sooner or later they will have to come around.

For some brands it is difficult to shift from an interruption advertising model to one that is offering relevant and engaging content. The challenge here is illustrating how much more effective native ads can be. With more education about the benefits of native, we will see many more companies switching over or augmenting their offering with native ads.

Can you tell us about the Twitter-based native advertising technology you have been working on?

We have been in partnership with Twitter since 2014 and have been developing a solution that works with Twitter’s API to optimize the ROI for clients. We create thousands of micro segmentations as well as campaigns. In turn, our technology can automatically learn from the results and continue to run only the most successful ads with the highest engagement and lowest costs.

And lastly, how do you envisage the development of mobile native advertising?

We expect mobile native advertising to continue to grow exponentially in the following years. As people are turning away from intrusive advertising and towards mobile, marketers must adapt to be able to maximize their ROI.

David Tomas Cyberclick Interview
David Tomás is a young entrepreneur and Co-founder of Cyberclick Group, a leading digital marketing company. He likes talking about new digital marketing trends, decision-making, new forms of creativity, personal and professional fulfilment, and how to build the happiest company in the world. His company Cyberclick was named Best Workplace in the 2014 Small and Medium Enterprise category.

Kelly Rogan Cyberclick Interview
Kelly Rogan is the international business developer and marketing strategist at Cyberclick. She manages content strategy, web site traffic growth, lead generation and increases brand presence and business opportunities in international markets.

For more info, visit

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