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Native Insights #6: Pretio Interactive Interview

Native Insights #6

We’re back once again with another interview from the Native Insights series. In this instalment we discuss the importance of advertising at the right moment in our Pretio Interactive interview.

Please can you introduce Pretio Interactive and explain your business model?

At Pretio, we take a different approach to mobile advertising. We help brands reach consumers across a variety of apps when they are most emotionally engaged are more statistically proven to convert.

If someone runs a personal best in a running app, she shouldn’t be interrupted with an annoying 30 second video about an irrelevant product. She should be rewarded for her engagement, and that’s where we come in. We surprise people by matching non-incentivized brand rewards to in-app Achievement Moments. These feel-good interactions create memorable experiences that help brands acquire customers and promote loyalty while increasing app revenue and retention for publishers.

Can you explain the concept of ‘Moments-Based Advertising’?

People reflexively turn to their smartphones in the “I want-to-know,” “I want-to-go,” I want-to-do,” and “I want-to-buy” moments. These micro-moments are crucial in the user experience that shape consumers’ decisions as they continue down the buyer’s journey. There are millions of micro-moments happening everyday, and they represent a huge opportunity for brands because consumers now expect them to be there.

69% of online consumers agree that the quality, timing, or relevance of a company’s message influences their perception of a brand. Moments-Based advertising helps brands predict user emotions and needs, then inject themselves into the moment with a relevant and helpful offer to drive engagement.

The moment that we focus in on at Pretio is the Achievement Moment. Achievement moments are bursts of excitement that occur within the user experience and give in-app users a rush. They happen when users reach milestones within apps and games, like beating a level, running a new personal best, or crossing off a task on a to-do list.

What is the advantage of targeting users at this stage?

People are irrational beings and our decision making process is almost entirely emotional, so the most effective way to reach consumers is by making an emotional connection. In Achievement Moments, people are excited and happy. Brands can piggy-back on the euphoria of the win and help them celebrate to really up the WOW factor! If this feeling is coupled with something they actually want, like a targeted reward, people start associating positive feelings with that brand.

The advantage to publishers is that they now have a way to monetize their apps without ruining the user experience. We help all of our publishers pick the best Achievement Moments so rewards are seamlessly integrated into their apps. And because most of our rewards are brand inventory, the payouts are much higher than a typical CPI campaign.

How does the integration of real life rewards translate into mobile ad inventory?

We all know that everyone loves free stuff and being rewarded, which is why offering rewards in the form of deep discounts, product samples, or exclusive offers is the perfect way to celebrate with the user. Brands send us offers and then we create all of our reward creatives in house. Our ad-units are rich media interstitials that are pre-cached and delivered using our mindset targeting algorithm. This ensures the most relevant reward is presented to each Achievement Moment. We encourage our publishers to use a flow that uses some messaging to explain why the user is receiving the reward so it feels like they are a natural part of the app experience.

What is the value of providing rewards on mobile vs on tablet or on desktop? Is there a difference?

The experience is very much dependant on the device. Presentation is very important so all of our ads are responsive and take advantage of the screen real estate for different purposes, depending on the device.

Further than that, is the context of the moment. We see success with different rewards on mobile than on desktop because user interests change when they are at home or away. This has enabled us to optimize our campaigns to deliver the most relevant rewards to each user.

We’re very excited for the adoption of mobile wallets, because it will allow reward transactions to occur so much faster. In theory, someone could win a coupon for a coffee while waiting in line, have that reward delivered to their wallet and redeem on spot in store. That’s the future of mobile rewards!

How do you see ‘Moment-Based Advertising’ working together with Native Advertising in the future?

Moments-Based Advertising and Native Advertising go hand in hand. They are both trying to achieve the same goal: advertising that respects the user experience. It’s all about delivering the right ad, to the right user, at the right time. Moments-Based Advertising should be seen as a form of Native Advertising, not something that is separate from it.

Pretio Interactive Interview Tyrone Sinclair
Ty Sinclair is Founder and COO of Pretio Interactive where he has led virtually every aspect of the company’s growth as a leader in app monetization and engagement. He has over a decade of experience building products and companies in digital marketing, loyalty/rewards and mobile advertising.

Pretio Interactive Interview Taylor Odgers
Taylor Odgers is Pretio’s Marketing Manager responsible for creating and distributing interesting content to educate brands and publishers about the amazing benefits of Moment-Based Advertising. When not at her desk, she can be found writing her next post in the office VW or out for a run on the beach.

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