Twitter Ads and Native Ads

Native Meets Twitter Ads: A Match Made in Heaven

Why Twitter?

By now, I’m sure you know all about the strength of native advertising. What you may not know, however, is how useful Twitter ads can be for brands. In combination, native advertising and Twitter can be the dynamic duo that propels your brand to success.

According to studies carried out by Twitter, there are over 320 million monthly active user profiles worldwide, with around 100 million logging in on a daily basis. Twitter is an advertising platform with vast potential that provides a direct connection to consumers. It allows you not only to promote your brand, but also to generate bonds with customers.

Furthermore, Twitter Ads offer several campaign types to choose from, depending on your marketing objectives (traffic generation, brand awareness, building an audience, app installs etc.).

Why Mobile?

In essence, society’s transition to mobile is rooted in the convenience of the handheld device. In a fast-moving world, people no longer want to spend their valuable minutes turning on a desktop computer.

This makes advertising on Twitter a great option, as 80% of active users access Twitter from a mobile device. But it also means that it’s essential for your ads to be optimised for mobile devices.

Its seems logical, then, that combining native advertising and Twitter ads, as well as mobile advertising, provides an optimal solution for brand success.

But before we discuss how to actually set up a native mobile ad on Twitter, it is important for you to understand its purpose and how it can be successful.

The adaptability of mobile native ads on Twitter allow your business to create a better experience for your consumer, which then results in a higher ROI. Unlike traditional ads, they allow marketers to tailor their ad to the exact format of the Twitter feed, minimising intrusiveness and providing a more natural appearance.

How To Optimize Your Twitter Native Ad Campaign

There are a variety of campaigns that will provide your business or organization the tools to achieve its desired objectives. Anything ranging from an increase in followers, an increase in engagements, or increasing app installs.

As mentioned before, it is crucial to understand your market and exactly what you want to achieve during this campaign. Once your goal is defined, the next step after designing your campaign is to utilize targeting options to allow your ‘tweets’ to reach your audience effectively. When the content appears on a mobile device, it will blend and be related to the information that the audience is already exploring, thus making it ‘native’ to the consumer and their interests.

The third and final step in creating an ad campaign is to create a budget. Your business or organization can control how much money is invested in advertising, and limit how much is spent monthly, weekly, or daily.

Add Artificial Intelligence To The Mix With Twitter Tech Marketing

Twitter Tech Marketing is an in-house solution created by Cyberclick that is able to generate thousands of native ads in Twitter simultaneously. It provides agility in campaign creation with the ability to create a large amount of segmentations and combinations of tweets and cards simultaneously. The tweets are completely integrated into the platform and even targeted to specific audiences who are most likely to be interested in the promoted content.

Twitter Tech Marketing provides useful insights about customers and uses artificial intelligence to self learn until it reaches a high impact segmentation. These ads integrate into the Twitter platform and are only seen by the target audience of the client, ensuring users don’t get bombarded with intrusive ads, but rather are exposed to relevant, high quality and interesting ads shown throughout their Twitter timeline.

Native advertising in the mobile sector is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. It is a mode of technology which gives you the ability to convey content tailored uniquely to your audience. The ROI is exemplary; with a list including an increase in engagements, ad impressions, shares, and sales.

Do all you can to propel your brand to victory through the perfect combination of futuristic trends that are taking over the world as we know it: native advertising, mobile advertising, Twitter ads and artificial intelligence – the perfect recipe for success.

Kelly Rogan Cyberclick Interview
Kelly Rogan is the international business developer and marketing strategist at Cyberclick. She manages content strategy, web site traffic growth, lead generation and increases brand presence and business opportunities in international markets.

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