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Updated Ad Optimization Engine – Even More Revenue for Mobile Publishers

Ad Optimization Engine

Since PubNative first launched in 2014, we’ve been committed to enabling mobile publishers to effectively monetize traffic through fully native integrations. By cutting one-size-fits-all templates out and introducing the native ads serving API we’ve helped mobile publishers across the world to benefit from the flexibility of native advertising.

To meet the ever increasing demands of the mobile ad-tech industry we have been constantly launching new and improving all existing products, undoubtedly, ad serving API among them. Today we are introducing already a third version of the API – the Ad Optimization Engine.

Building upon the work we’ve done over the past two years, the updated Ad Optimization Engine offers a number of new features that will make the ad serving even more efficient and, ultimately, bring even more revenue to your mobile business.

1) Access to More Brand Demand

Internet Trend Reports show a $22B mobile brand advertising opportunity in the United States alone, resulting from the gap in the percentage of user time spent on mobile versus actual brand dollars spent in the medium. Anyone that generates revenue through in-app advertising stands to benefit from brand adoption.

With the integration of demand partners such as InMobi, MobFox, MyTarget and Criteo, PubNative’s Ad Optimization Engine allows publishers to tap effectively into additional brand demand for native advertisements.

brand_advertising ad optimization engine publisher revenue

Mobile publishers can accommodate their individual monetization needs by tailoring diverse brand advertising campaigns to best suit each audience segment, maximizing advertising relevance and revenue.

More brand advertising campaigns not only mean greater campaign diversity and more opportunities for granular optimization but also the CPM pricing model preferred by most publishers. Guaranteeing payment for different types of user interactions (both engagement and viewability), and without the need for the user to exit the app, the CPM pricing model further adds to publisher revenue maximization.

Recap. With Ad Optimization Engine:
  • Access to more brand demand (InMobi, MobFox, MyTarget, Criteo)
  • Diverse demand partners to accommodate individual publishers’ needs (specific geos, segments, categories of advertisers, etc.)
  • Publisher friendly pricing models (e.g., CPM)

2) Unified Access to Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile video ad spending is growing faster than any other digital advertising format. Watching video on mobile is already more common than using devices to listen to music and people are giving their full attention when watching video on their smartphone.

With new partners such as SpotX and AerServ, the Ad Optimization Engine helps publishers to benefit from the high performing format.

video_advertising ad optimization engine publisher revenue

The updated version of API provides unified access to mobile video. With one end-point, publishers can request multiple different elements for all native formats, including video, making video campaign serving easier than ever before.

Smart optimization options, taking into account the video-specific KPIs, ensure that publishers take the best from this engaging format.

The updated API optimizes ad serving based on criteria such as eCPM, fill rate, user engagement and others in addition to performing cross format optimization real time. Publishers only need to provide specifications of space available (“ad container”) and the Ad Optimization Engine will serve the best performing format, making sure that video is served only optimal number of times.

Recap. With Ad Optimization Engine:
  • Unified access to mobile video advertising (SpotX, AerServ)
  • Optimization based on different performance metrics (eCPM, fill rate, user engagement)
  • Video-specific (as compared to other native formats) user engagement optimization

3) Dynamic A/B Testing for Better Performance

Additionally, the updated version of API makes it easier than ever to effectively A/B test advertising efforts real time – for improved performance and more revenue.

ab_testing ad optimization engine publisher revenue

The Ad Optimization Engine rotates groups of campaign assets to find out which combination and which creative performs best in terms of engagement, eCPMs and fill rates. Smart optimization also means that performance of one particular placement is evaluated in the context of all other placements – making sure that overall advertising performance within an app is optimal to bring the most revenue.

On top of that, the Ad Optimization Engine improves ad serving real time. Continuously analyzing ad performance, dynamic A/B testing evolves immediately – offering better results and greater insight than tests carried out over fixed periods of time.

Recap. With Ad Optimization Engine:

  • Creative and format A/B testing – for better advertising performance (eCPMs, fill rates, engagement)
  • Increase in overall performance (one placement vs. all placements within an app)
  • Dynamic A/B testing, optimizing performance real time and constantly learning

How can I get more information about the API?

Whether you’re new to PubNative or have worked with us before, you can learn about the Ad Optimization Engine by requesting more information here or by email (

PubNative’s Mobile Native Mediation is already supporting the updated Ad Optimization Engine.

We can’t wait until we can show you more!

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