PubNative Registers CMP in IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework

BERLIN, March 18, 2020 ( – ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​PubNative, a leading mobile monetisation platform and programmatic ad exchange, is continuing its course of advocating for transparency in the advertising ecosystem by announcing the approval of its latest CMP to join IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent framework. PubNative’s plans for 2020 include a myriad of measures to advocate for transparency in the industry.

The focus lies on the most valuable asset in the era of GDPR and CCPA: consumer consent. As governments worldwide pass laws and sign off regulations to protect user data, there is a rising need for publishers and SSPs alike to handle user data with explicit consumer permission. With the help of its own IAB approved CMP, PubNative has committed to IAB’s framework for data privacy. PubNative achieves to serve personalised ads without putting user data at risk of exposure or violating regulations.

Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) are the technical solution to give and revoke customer consent. By scanning the device ID of a consumer, PubNative’s CMP checks the status of consent for a specific user. When a positive consent has been granted, PubNative may use the device ID, IP address and keywords to pass them through the advertising ecosystem only to the vendors approved by the user. The mobile user has all the power and control over which vendors would receive the device ID information for the purposes of personalised ad targeting.

It is important that the user can always access, edit, revoke, or re-apply the consent options at any point.

Depending on the type of regulation, PubNative’s CMP responds accordingly. With GDPR in Europe, the user is actively asked for consent. Only then, device data can be passed on and targeting options become available to the advertisers. According to CCPA, however, users are automatically opted in but given the opportunity to opt-out from sharing device information at any point. In this case, the ads displayed are no longer specific to their data points.

Over the years, PubNative has constantly made efforts to advocate for full transparency in the open marketplace and to promote open-source monetisation products. Not only has PubNative’s CMP been IAB certified, but the company is TAG compliant, actively contributing to and collaborating within IAB Tech Lab.

PubNative believes in 3rd party verification and transparency in an open-source community from the start. The company not only cares about protecting their publishers’ brands but also takes into consideration the user experience in their mobile apps. PubNative partners with GeoEdge for ad verification and real-time scanning of all creatives to block inappropriate content or even malware in real-time.

“In 2020, PubNative will continue to advocate for transparency, privacy and controls for data protection in an open value-driven ecosystem. This approach is part of our continued mission to build advertising technologies for publishers to maximise their revenues in a brand-safe environment.”

– Ionut Ciobotaru, Founder & CEO of PubNative

By adhering to IAB’s guidelines and keeping an eye out for their clients’ needs, PubNative is staying on top of the transparency best practices in the market. If you are hoping to learn more about transparency measures, visit the company’s blog.

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