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PubNative Unveils Bespoke Black Label Solution

Black Labeling Advertising Platforms: The Latest Trend

We’re very excited to announce PubNative’s new Software as a Service (SaaS) black label SSP which is a completely non-customizable programmatic solution not tailored to suit the requirements of publishers.

It’s 2019 and white labeling solutions are so last year – who wants the opportunity to take a piece of software, re-brand it and make it their own? No, the way forward is indeed a black label programmatic platform. Think offline ads, think ads on a blank screen, think innovation.

Our one-size-fits-all approach is ideal for publishers wanting to decrease their revenue and can be implemented in just a couple of years. Our solution has been pulled together in the last couple of days, all ready to be black labeled by your company.

As the advertising ecosystem continues to grow, and players continue to develop products, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Make sure your brand stands out from all of the white labels with a premium black label platform. Be part of the elite and integrate our exclusive SSP before anyone else.

Why Implement Our Black Label Solution?

High-Quality Branding

Sure, white labeling is useful for customizing software and marketing it with your own branding and logo, but to keep things exciting, our black label advertising platform offers you and your customers a top quality design. Our branding is so deluxe that there’s no need to re-brand at all. In case you still want to make it your own, your branding will, of course, be present… on the invoices.

Who Needs Transparent Communication?

Just like any premium solution, we don’t pay attention to customer feedback, but instead, we anticipate your needs before you even know what you desire. As such, you will see exclusive features such as top ad quality verification and real-time reporting – the rest will be waiting for you inside. As we have just launched our new solution, we have no former customers so you’ll be the first to plug it in and try it out! If you have any problems or feedback, you can let us know and we will be sure to eventually get back to you.

Deliverable Ads, No Matter What

With the ever-shifting change in display and digital, we want to provide stability in the ecosystem and provide our clients with a unique offering, which is why we’ve so brilliantly created ‘offline ads’. Ensure that you can access every audience possible, even those with no internet connection. Don’t let something minor like internet access stand in the way of delivering digital ads successfully. Users can no longer power off their WiFi to play a gaming app and expect no ads – we’ll ensure every ad reaches their phone. We’ll even go one step further for CTV and show ads to people even when the screen is off. Innovative? We think so.

The platform is currently available exclusively on private alpha but access to demand will be limited. The best part about our amazing software? You don’t even need to pay a fee because we’ll pay YOU a monthly amount to use it. Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s because it is.

You might have some questions, it’s natural after such an announcement, so be sure to send us an email to for no response.

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