Iris Zou, Beijing Team, PubNative

Team Spotlight: Iris Zou, Beijing Team

Our next Team Spotlight series features Iris Zou, Country Lead China from our Beijing Team. We caught up with Iris when she was visiting our Berlin office to ask her a few questions about working at PubNative and what she enjoys doing outside of work.

What is the Beijing Team responsible for and who else is on your team?

Jennifer is also on my team and we’re responsible for connecting with supply partners in the Chinese business. The publishers we work with are mostly from China but occasionally they are located in other countries such as India or Australia. We take care of the integration, optimization and maintain a good business relationship with our clients.

On a regular day at the office, I start by checking the data to see if there is anything abnormal, such as an increase or decrease in numbers. I then check my emails and order my tasks on Trello to plan for the day ahead.

How do you communicate with the Berlin team from Beijing?

We use tools such as Slack and Trello every day to communicate and manage our mutual tasks. The team has one-on-one meetings, programmatic stand-ups, and JourFixe meetings via conference calls.

We also visit for in-person meetings to Berlin and some of the team comes to China a few times per year so that we get to connect face-to-face. In addition, we visit key clients together when we are in our respective countries.

How long have you worked at PubNative and what is your best memory so far?

I’ve worked at PubNative for almost three years and I have a lot of great memories! Last year when we had our team offsite in Mallorca, the boat trip was a real highlight. We had a very good time and I was trying to swim but almost sank and some colleagues had to rescue me! We played music, relaxed on the boat and the weather was beautiful so it’s a very happy memory.

What teams do you work closest with?

We work quite closely with many teams like Finance, Product, and Demand teams. We also have syncs with the Tech Team, although we would collaborate with the other teams more regularly.

What do you love about working at PubNative?

The people are very nice, easy to work with and they really value teamwork. We are helping each other to grow and we also get the chance to work on something that is a major market trend; programmatic advertising. We’re learning new things every day and gaining valuable industry knowledge at this company.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

I really like gardening and I have a small yard where I spend much of my time. I have bunnies and a puppy so I also love spending time with them when I am out of the office!

A big thank you to Iris for chatting with us! Check out our other posts here and get in touch with us by sending an email to

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