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Team Spotlight: Iva Parvanova, Supply Team

PubNative’s Head of Programmatic Supply Iva Parvanova from our Supply Team is next to feature on our Team Spotlight series. Iva tells us a little bit about life at PubNative and gives us an insight into what she gets up to when she’s not working hard to keep publishers happy!

How many people make up the Supply Team and what is your role at PN?

Currently, we are 5 people. My role is Head of Programmatic Supply.

Describe a regular work day for your team.

Some of the main tasks include monitoring the activity/revenue of the publishers, helping new partners to integrate our different products and also trying to find low hanging fruits which could bring additional revenue to the company.

It feels like we are the doctors of the programmatic world! The publishers come to us with new questions or feedback every day, thus we have to find the best possible cure in order to keep them happy.

How long have you been working at PubNative and what do you love most about the company?

I’ve been at PubNative now for 4 years and what I love here is the people I work with. I’ve found friends for life.

What was one thing you did this month that you’re proud of?

My team and I managed to revive a nearly dormant account and now they are back on track and generating more than $3,000 daily with our solution.

If you could pick up a new skill instantly, what would it be?

Mind control.

What are you most passionate about?

Music, organizing events, and bringing joy and revenue to PubNative.

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day?

Wine, sun, dance.

What place do you love to go to in Berlin?

About Blank 🙂 Do I need to say only one?

Thanks to Iva for sharing with us! Stay tuned for the next edition of our Team Spotlight series. While you’re here, check out our other posts or drop us an email to marketing@pubnative.net if you have any questions.

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