Team Spotlight: Katharina Schmähl, HR Team

Team Spotlight: Katharina Schmähl, HR Team

Our Team Spotlight series continues with Katharina Schmähl, HR Manager and Payroll Accountant from the HR Team at PubNative. Katharina fills us in on her journey at the company and the proudest moments achieved with her colleagues.

Can you describe the role of HR at PubNative and who is on your team?

On my team are Maxi, Gosia and myself. We all have defined roles; Maxi is our Team Lead and focuses on the development of teams across the company, Gosia works in recruitment and my role is in administration. Together, we work hand in hand to find new employees and develop those currently working at PubNative. We belong to the support function of PubNative, working in the background to keep the business running.

How long have you worked at PubNative and what is your fondest memory?

It will be three years this month since I joined, first starting as the Office Manager and then moving to the HR Team about a year and a half ago. It’s great that I was given the chance to develop my career over the years here.

There are a lot of funny stories I have from working at PubNative – our summer party two years ago comes to mind! We had planned a boat trip but as it was raining, we decided to have a spontaneous BBQ in the office. We got loads of food and a karaoke machine and it was all going great until we accidentally set off the fire alarm! The firefighters came and the whole building needed to leave, but it was a Friday, so they didn’t mind too much. It was a really great time!

What initiatives has HR implemented that you are most proud of?

I think a big team achievement was implementing our company values which Maxi focused a lot on, holding workshops where people came together to discuss and define them collaboratively. Another thing I’m proud of is the work that Gosia is putting in to improve our employer branding.

What attracted you to work at PubNative?

Definitely the people! I come from the tourism industry so I’m used to working with a lot of different people and it’s great to be in such a people-facing role at PubNative. I remember my first task was to organize a birthday cake for a colleague. That was very special to me and it meant a lot to see how much the company cared for their employees. It was a great first-day memory!

What’s the best trip you ever took and why?

It has to be Corsica. Before I came to Berlin I was living and working there for five years and somehow it felt like home. The nature is stunning and it’s definitely the best trip I’ve been on!

What’s your go-to productivity trick?

First, a good night’s sleep so I wake up fresh, followed by a cup of tea. I find that setting up an agenda is a good trick so you can prioritize your tasks and feel less stressed tackling them. When it comes to motivation – coffee, sunshine, and fresh air! It’s also nice to take a break and grab some ice cream 🙂

Thanks to Katharina for sharing her experiences with us. Our next Team Spotlight is coming up soon so make sure to check back! While you’re here, have a read of our other posts and get in touch with us (

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