Team Spotlight: Pilsoo, Product Team

Team Spotlight: Pilsoo, Product Team

The next edition of our Team Spotlight series features Pilsoo Shin, Product Manager at PubNative. Pilsoo has been part of PubNative from the beginning of its founding and shares with us some insights on his journey over the last couple of years.

Who else makes up the Product Team and what is your team’s role at PubNative?

On the team are Alex, myself and Josip – three product managers. We also have one Solutions Engineer just about to start. Simply put, what we do is define what to build and why we should build it. Then the Tech Team figures out how to build it! 

How have PubNative’s products and solutions grown since the company was founded in 2015?

I remember we started with an API-only product, which was our unique selling point at the beginning. It appealed to many publishers who felt that there were too many SDKs on the market. As the market evolved, we evolved with it and we noticed that more and more publishers were requesting different methods to connect with us. 

We catered to their needs by creating multiple APIs and other products. Then we realized that the market need was for one platform to manage all different exchanges, so we developed our mediation SDK. We now provide Ad Tag integration and our HyBid SDK, allowing publishers to sell their inventory in a more unified auction. 

What has been your most memorable achievement at PubNative so far?

I think it would be making our analytics system from scratch. As a Product Manager, it was my first experience building something from the very beginning as other products I had worked on were already somewhat developed. The process started with discussions and brainstorming, followed by roadmaps, user stories, etc. I was the lead for that product from the start and now it’s very actively used by many teams.

What do you love about your job?

The people are very easy to work with and I enjoy having the freedom to work on the projects that you want, which is a very well-maintained culture at PubNative. Also, I find that the AdTech ecosystem is so interconnected with different services and companies that you get a chance to dive into products created by other companies in the industry. We’re constantly thinking about how to connect products and systems in order to make everything work together smoothly so I like getting the chance to dissect these products.

What’s your favorite after-work activity?

Video games 🙂 I do try to read more books to mix it up though!

Are you a dog person or a cat person (or neither)?

I like both but I have allergies to cats so, unfortunately, I can’t get too close.

What do you love most about living in Berlin?

Compared to Seoul in South Korea where I’m from, the best part about Berlin is that there’s no social pressure. Berlin has a really chilled atmosphere and a sense of freedom in every context.

Thanks to Pilsoo for his insights into life at PubNative! Are you interested in joining the team? Check out our open job positions here.

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