Deconstructing the In-App Bidding Landscape

White Paper: Deconstructing the In-App Bidding Landscape

We’re excited to release our white paper ‘Deconstructing the In-App Bidding Landscape’ which offers in-depth research of the in-app bidding market, an overview and comparison of products existing within the landscape and also offers exclusive industry contributions and insights. As mobile header bidding rapidly advances, we’re taking a step back to look at where it all began in order to predict how it will advance in the coming years. 

The white paper is based on internal data and research by PubNative along with data from external resources, with contributions from industry partners such as BidMachine, Coda, Kayzen, and Verve Group, as well as quotes from Chartboost and Timehop.

Topics of the white paper include:

  • The traditional waterfall setup
  • The history of header bidding on desktop
  • The largest players in header bidding 
  • When “header” bidding came to mobile
  • How in-app bidding works
  • In-depth analysis of the in-app bidding market and players
  • Looking ahead towards the future of in-app bidding
  • Partner quotes and industry insights 

Download the white paper on ‘Deconstructing the In-App Bidding Landscape’ BELOW.

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