Mobile Native Ad block Solution

Why Mobile Native Offers an Ad block Solution

Over the last few years, ad blockers have gained tremendous traction in the online world. There is clear evidence that users find them beneficial in blocking unwanted or potentially malicious advertisements, but their growth implies a dilemma for those in the marketing and advertising community. Whilst protecting users, ad blockers force marketers to turn to higher quality, more efficient ads that are more positively viewed by users. This means a shift in focus, and native can provide this shift and ultimately the ad block solution.

Growing Influence on Mobile

The tricky element of ad blockers is their increasing reach and their growing influence on mobile. With current smartphone ownership estimated to be 43% worldwide, the influence of mobile advertising and mobile ad blocking is significant.

Ultimately, the user’s end goal is to optimize their experience on mobile. Whether that experience is online shopping, research or communicating on social media, they aim to keep this experience as positive as possible – hence the frequent use of ad blocking software. Not only can ad blockers hide intrusive pop-ups and banners, but they can also make smartphones run faster and reduce the burden on battery life.

The force of the ad blocking generation became stronger this past September when Apple sent countless advertisers and marketers into a panicked frenzy by introducing Ad blocks to iOS9, with a simple download from the App Store.

Since native ads appear with the rest of the content, they can’t be ‘blocked’ in the same way as banners and interstitials. Whilst adblocking software can ‘hide’ native adverts, users can ultimately choose whether they want to block an ad or not.

Native Ads as a Long-term Solution

The key to surviving ad blocking is by adding value, and mobile marketing is no exception to this. If what users are looking for is to improve their experience, then as marketers we should be helping them in this battle, and not fighting against them. This is why native adverts offer not just a work around or a quick fix, but rather a viable long term solution to keeping users happy and maintaining ad-led monetization on mobile.

The constant connection people have with their smartphones nowadays, the endless possibilities smartphones present and their unique characteristics offer an unprecedented opportunity for brands to develop relationships with their audience – why would we ruin that by annoying them with intrusive ads?

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