PubNative Exchange

More demand to enhance your mobile revenue


Premium Demand From Variety Of Sources

Built specifically for mobile publishers, the PubNative Exchange connects to a broad selection of global buyers to efficiently fill mobile native inventory with high quality ad campaigns.


The Exchange provides access to integrated programmatic and managed demand from premium DSPs, ad networks and direct advertisers.

PubNative Exchange fully supports the native specifications of the IAB’s OpenRTB v2.3 Protocol.

Precise and Targeted Selling of Inventory

The PubNative Exchange maximizes accessibility for publisher’s ad inventory with powerful programmatic selling functionalities such as OpenRTB, DEAL ID and PMP. Selling inventory through Real-Time Bidding drives inventory prices higher, gives more control and transparency over the ads displayed, improving the user experience.

Global access to quality demand

Higher ad relevance

Higher eCPMS

Increased control and transparency

Flexible Integration

Publishers are fully in control of the integration process. The PubNative Exchange is available via a simple SDK, an Ad-Tag or an API that works both on server-side and client-side.

PubNative allows us to gain unified access to an extremely wide array of demand sources. We are now sure to receive the best possible yield for our placements.

Want to access premium DSPs, ad networks and
direct advertisers via PubNative Exchange?